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Based on that testimony and other evidence in the case, the judge will rule on the length of your suspension. If the appeals court reverses the original suspension, TxDPS will reissue your license.

Handling Administrative License Revocation Disputes

Let's say you are arrested for DWI in Austin, Tx, and face 2 cases: (1) the criminal DWI charge, and (2) the Driver's License Suspension. Generally in Texas, if you are arrested for a crime you only need to focus on the criminal proceedings against you. An arrest for driving while intoxicated (DWI).

Otherwise, you can have your license reinstated at the conclusion of your suspension period. To obtain a provisional license, you must petition the appropriate court in your area, using its required forms and format.

Lawsuit Claims Texas' Driver License-Suspension Program Is Unconstitutional

If the court agrees to grant you an occupational license, the judge will direct TxDPS to issue one to you. Not everyone will qualify for an essential needs license and, in some cases, you may face a statutory waiting period before you can petition the court to grant an occupational license.

First Offense DUI Suspension of License

A suspended license can impede your ability to get to work, earn a living, and handle the necessary aspects of your life — such as going to the bank, the grocery store, and medical appointments. With the assistance of a DWI suspended license lawyer , you can fight for the right to keep your driving privileges. The Law Offices of Randall B.

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Unlawful Blood Testing. If you are a provisional driver younger than 18, you could get your license suspended for receiving two or less than four moving violation in a period of 12 months.

Learn about the penalties for a DWI/DUI conviction in Texas.

If a law enforcement officer arrests you for driving under the influence of alcohol, and then you fail or refuse to take a blood or breath test, your license could be suspended anywhere from 90 days to two years. If you drive a car while your license is already suspended, revoked or canceled, you could earn an additional license suspension for the same amount of time as the original suspension.

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Following a DWI conviction the court could suspend your license for up to two years. If the conviction takes place before your 21st birthday, the court will automatically suspend your license for one year. If you get convicted of the following before you turn 21, your license will be suspended.

A Common And Costly Mistake When Hiring A Texas DWI Lawyer

With more than three decades of experience, our College Station DWI lawyer has a thorough understanding of Texas and federal commercial driving laws to help you navigate through the complexities of the legal system and the courtroom. A few of the questions a DWI defense attorney may ask include, but are not limited to:. Call now to get started with a free consultation. Form Submissions have a fast response time. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Privacy Policy Disclaimer.

Physicians, family, friends, acquaintances and driver license field personnel can report you to the Medical Advisory Board as having a possible health condition that prevents you form safely operating a car. This could also be reported anonymously or admitted by you. Your possible medical condition, full name, date of birth and Texas driver license number must be reported. If the DPS receives notice that you are driving on a canceled policy while you are required to maintain proof of insurance with the DPS , you could face license suspension.

If you are convicted of a second of offense for no liability coverage, you could face license suspension.

Defending a Driving with a Suspended License Charge

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