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How to Disable Geo IP in Firefox

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How accurate are Geolocation Databases

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The plan is suitable for development purposes but not recommended for production. The system may use heuristics to further restrict free tier API calls under certain conditions. If you are unable to access the free plan, please contact us. Our primary payment processor is Stripe.

This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. The API is suitable for a website, mobile or desktop app to automatically find the location and related information of an IP address.

If you need to perform bulk lookup, we offer a separate GUI tool covered under the same subscription plan. If you expect an uncommon usage or traffic pattern, please contact us to ensure that the API will be suitable for you. See our general FAQ or send us a message here. Blazing fast API with infrastructure that scales rapidly to serve millions of requests every day.

Encrypted payment handling. Over View API status. Diverse clients includes e-commerce, logistics, automotive, gaming, SaaS etc. Flexible Plans. While a lot of media consumption has switched towards video streaming subscriptions, content licensing still adhere to the old norms and this is creating problems in the internet ecosystem. When the world is so connected, there should be no reason that a person cannot access a website from a different country. Luckily for users who are facing issues with geo-restrictions while streaming contents, most especially video contents, below are four ways to bypass these restrictions:.

A Virtual Private Network VPN is a cybersecurity measure that creates an encrypted connection over the internet from the device to the network. It connects your network to a proxy server which masks your IP address and hides your real location.

It then provides you with a virtual location. VPN uses tunneling to hide your online data and make your activity almost untraceable. VPNs work on the browser level and the system level. Meaning that every app on your system and mobile can change its IP address from the original one. Every VPN provides different offerings at a different price.

There are many trustworthy lists of the best VPN services for every streaming platform. There are also guides on what features to look out for in a VPN before entrusting it with your data. Browsing speed may experience some slowdowns.

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However, this totally depends on the protocol and encryption of the VPN service. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between the client device such as a computer or mobile and another server from which the client is requesting the service. Some servers often become overcrowded and suffer huge downtime. With the proxy website, you cannot access the content behind the login wall such as on Netflix or Hulu. Instead of changing the IP address, it overrides the selected DNS entries which reveal your geo-location.

Your connection is quickly re-routed through a dedicated proxy server to a location where the website is based. This means you appear to be located in a country where viewing the restricted content is permitted. Tor is a free-to-use service which allows people to browse the internet anonymously by hiding their IP address. It uses the concept of Onion Routing in which the data is first encrypted and transmitted through multiple servers, called relays.

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Your data is transferred through multiple relays, thus it creates multi-layered encryption and ensures your identity is hidden. Every encrypted layer is decrypted at the successive relay, and the remaining data is transmitted to any random relay until it reaches to its final destination. Since the number of relays on the TOR network is around — and the users are approximately 2 million, it means you often experience slow internet speed while browsing.