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S visit s ; but to my best knowledge he was pretty much a homebody who like to circulate in English high society circles. Thanks so much for finding it. I was looking for that in two other posts. Modern Gothic is a fun term. What I would do to own a piece. I actually own Artistic homes of California and have digital versions of it as well with high resolution images of the houses.

I think some are online.

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Jane A Locascio jalocascio comcast. Dane Cookson dane. I love Stick style homes. Comprehensive and detailed reports of specific districts. Anne was born and raised in Chatham. They created a country with their courage and hard work, and their story belongs to the entire nation. Ancestor: John Tilley.

Some of the images change between versions, I believe. Some of the photos of the houses are different perceptive views. One house in Oakdale was one of my favorites and explains each band of color on each floor. You two should keep it going. Thank you, gentlemen. Lol Thanks Sharon. My iPad is so overloaded with links and photos I needed to save to the cloud. Johnshiflet and I can probably talk for hours and hours on here. If we had ever met in person I can only image what that would be like.

We both clearly seem to be crazy over the same thing. Like John said in another post, we probably get a little too off topic. Thanks to you both for sharing your extensive knowledge! But here we can all learn from each other and share and debate. Glad that someone gets anything useful out of it but many others just roll their eyes when I launch into one of my architectural history or preservation diatribes. In a different life I might have ended up as a tenured professor of history instead of a general flunky.

I highly covet this site as it provides a channel where I can share such esoteric prattle. I also feel privileged to have met a few people over the years who share my passion for the past but they are definitely few and far between. I appreciate the kind comments. Tiffany, R. Still, I enjoy looking at the high end Victorian eye-candy and can only imagine what grand mansions some of these pieces came from. I love to window shop in these types of sites!! I am loving this conversation-you are all such a great resource. What a gift to the bungalow community.

Her wonderful Oakland CA Craftsman was for sale shortly after her passing. I really worked on my husband moving there from So Cal but no way. It was insane. We would not be here if we did not want to learn and you gentlemen know so much. Thank you for sharing. So many wonderful California mansions lost to earthquakes, fire and time. Sometimes folks on here are offended by my posts as being rude or insensitive to the owners. If we were all the same how boring would that be. But these kind thought and words make me feel good and glad that you appreciate the obsessions people like us have.

You included. I love the entries too in these chats. So well thought out and full of great resources for learning. The more we learn, the more we can respect the past. The more we can also squash the silly things people made up about the past that made fun of it.

Stunning Greek Revival begun in as 4-room log cabin; in s the present house was constructed to surround it for the purpose of outshining Montpelier, a few miles away. It has been through bad as well as good times, sold now by the governor of West Virginia and owner of the Greenbrier , who bought it as an investment and has never lived there. It has been vacant since the s, reflected in the kitchen and earlier bathrooms. Beautiful original moldings — I love their continuation up the wall side of the stairway, a hanging stair of exceptional grace, double bedroom doors — solid ones and louvered to allow for breezes in hot weather, an early mural on dining room walls, and too much more beauty to list.

Formal period gardens abound, though only marginally kept. If not sold, to be auctioned, date not established. It was rescued from ruin when lawyer James M. Townsend renovated using period materials where possible, and vastly remodeled it, adding 2 wings. He managed to maintain its charm, though it became a more formal 18th-century-style house.

More recently it seems to have received an extremely unfortunate entrance. Great shares Laurie! Thank you, Matt! I take my snarky comment back, lol. Glad to have that solved. Both interesting. Must have been very elegant before the change. The Mill Neck rambler is super duper fine, unpretentious and comfortable, while at the same time baronial and impressive.

Not an easy feat. Looks like heaven to me: someone must agree since it is sold; and no wonder considering the press it got. I would feel like the Beverly Hillbillies going from a log cabin to stunningly beautiful 12, sf mansion. I bet it even has the cement pond for Ellie May. One of the architects noted in the article you posted is quite famous: William Lawrence Bottomley. I see what you mean about the entrance. The kitchen, looks a little too modern, but I love the sheer size of it. The upstairs-get rid of the carpet! Did a couple of archeological work studies at Montpelier when it still had the Dupont additions.

In fact at the very first one the Nat. Trust conducted, we slept in the attic and our food was catered in….. The Zillow listing gives a few more photos of the Rapidan property. I love the way the front stairs look like they pool on the floor like the skirt of a ball gown! What a stunning, romantic house! Another Dublin, TX treasure, all of it appears to be intact and from the original build date. The arched doorways, bookcases, windows, etc. Yowzers about the roof tiling! Even after its supposedly over, you feel so drained. Take your antibiotics, and drink all the fluids water is best you can!

If you have a recliner, sleep in that if the coughing is worse when you lie down, or prop yourself up with pillows as sleep is really important to help you recover. Take care, and I hope you are able to track down the evil person who gave you this, and kill them soon!

Hide the body in the dirt cellar of an old house you hate. Karen, how terrible. Elderberry syrup really helps keep your immune system health and if you get sick it helps the body get better. I swear by it. You poor thing. Pneumonia takes everything out of you. I hope you have someone looking after you. Get well soon. Updates, I think, blend well with the original details. I love how it looks out to the pool and the water beyond.

And near Terlingua, TX where my daughter just bought land. The one VERY sore thumb is the horrid, contemporary, tile throughout. It is likely covering a whole house full of original terrazzo. It may be possible to repair; but at great time and expense. I grew up two blocks away and was always mesmerized by this house; one Halloween a bunch of us kids were even let into the cupola at the top and you could see over the bare trees to all corners of the city.

I am trying to find ones that are original or close to. These stood out to me. Great restoration! I toured the sister house this past December. Charles Ave. Always and eye catcher from the great paint scheme and nice to see the original interiors. I love all three, ut I think the St Charles Ave one has me-it has a pool! But the one thing that draws me to all, are the bathrooms! This house, this environment, is totally foreign to me, but I am intrigued. I would like to be a guest for a vintage cocktail party. You could dress like Twiggy and have a nice dry martini.

I would love to dress like Twiggy and have a dry dirty martini! I used to have a vintage now , silk jacket and sheath dress with an ink blotch pattern I would to have it again. It was a great martini dress! Twiggy was just made a Dame, in the UK.

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I saw a photo of her being awarded her title by Prince Charles the other day. Houses like this both horrify and fascinate me. I thought it had its own page on OHD; but it must have been a share. It was on OHD once, you know before that thing that happened. Stephen King once told of writing an entire book, when he first got a computer, and hitting the delete button instead of save. He had to write it all over again!

If someone had described this to me, I would have never believed it. Now I have seen it. Very interesting and nostalgic but I could never fall asleep in that hot pink bedroom! It would be like living on an old Hollywood set. I have to say a part of me is really loving the pink bedroom bath combo. Great find. This is in perfect condition! I had the privilege of being there a couple weeks ago. Super collection of homes.

I love the RI home, trying to figure out the chair? The chair reminds me of the barber shop chairs my uncle had in his living room back in the day. The last house is super spectacular! Wow, I love the railing in the Sears Rd home. Very fat Shetland pony yoke? Louis MO.

That one looks to be in REALLY good shape considering; and is worth a pretty penny even with the exploded seat cushion. That weird yoke thingy? The Whitinsville MA house was apparently one of the Whitin family homes big mill owners, hence the name of the town. There are some others still extant. Now I think being operated as some sort of function venue.

Another Whitin family home possibly for summer was atop a hill in nearby Northbridge. Still, they do keep some family memorabilia on display. One difficulty with these mill-town homes is that most people want to live among their peers, and there is a big gulf between these mansions and the typical home in the area. In the old days, the mill owners were comfortable expressing their station. There is a modern wing to another old house, which I think was built by John Pound, a prominant local attorney, for his mother in law. There was a huge old oak tree that was planted by Salmon Chase and his brother in front of it, that recently had to be cut down.

A windstorm took a large branch down, and the wound revealed that the tree was mostly hollow, and therefore in danger of the whole thing coming down one day. I used to live in an apartment next to the Home, in another old house also built by John Pound. Who could forget that insanely scaled, beautiful? That has to be utterly unique: decidedly not a catalogue unit.

Ha, CharlesB! Looks like we both found that little bungalow interesting. Hope it finds an owner that respects it. Hey Charles. I was thinking the same thing, Asian , and was wondering about your Lindbergh description as well. Probably just semantics. Marigold Manor currently run as a bed and breakfast but definitely not frou frou.

Exotic and eclectic decor blends well with the traditional, original features. Unpainted original woodwork and built-ins, many original kitchen features and a large verandah that takes in sweeping views of the countryside. It is for Private Treaty which means the property is offered at no fixed price and prospective buyers are required to submit their offers by a specified date and time. Thank you so much. We are all stunned and devastated because we are a very peaceful and safe country. Some very nice homes today Kia.

I especialy like the kitchen in Marigold Manor. I believe that was the one with that large window in the kitchen. Looks like a wonderful place to cook. All I can do is pray that this never happens again. You all will remain in my prayers and I will do what ever I can to help. Thank you very much. Our already strict gun laws are going to be tightened but right now we are still in shock and people are pretty subdued. By the way my name is Julie and Kia Ora is Maori for hello. I am also originally from the States.

Glad to meet you Julie!!! My name is really not Kimberly62, just Kim. Named after an afghan hound in Hi Kim. I love dogs. We are getting a new one today. It is a puppy that has been withdrawn from the Guide Dog program because he is uncomfortable with small children. We will now have three dogs.

I always love your shares Julie! The settings are beautiful and I enjoy the exteriors and interior woodwork, very often light-toned wood, beautiful mantels. The corridor with the staircase in the 2nd listing is cool! Thank you. I enjoy trying to find homes for the weekly exchange. I sure miss the old houses from the U. First up is this Colonial in Woodbury, Ct listed at k. In any case I love the little Gothic Revival barn.

The floorplan is quite quirky, but I think with some judicious tinkering it would make a great home. Love the barrel vaulted ceiling in the schoolhouse section. Lastly is This amalgam of 2 18th century houses in Amenia, NY listed for a staggering 17 million.

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This estate is acres of bucolic wonderfulness with a guest house, assorted barns, etc. Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates reconstructed these buildings a number of years back and created quite an impressive compound. It documented his restoration of his old house in Sherman, Ct that he left the big estate for. Worth viewing in my opinion as far as home renovation shows go.

Love the former schoolhouse. Give Daryl Hall big applause — something of a potpourri of styles, materials, and periods, but it works well and has a historic character. In one of the most glorious parts of the world, too. We used to watch his show. I remember that rustic kitchen and jam sessions in the barn. Agree with Laurie and MissApple, good job! I do like it though. I watched the interview with Daryl Hall of the restoration of his property. Very interesting. I really like the Washington Rd home.

Wish it has land with it. I wanted to share this pretty incredible Victorian pile that recently came back on the market again in the upper Hudson Valley. The home sits on a bluff that allows one side to face the Catskill Mountains, and the other side to have an amazing view of the Hudson River. Merced, California. Built in on. Victorian is really just the era. Though popular norm does usually refer to it as such. Its such a complex era and with each decade within the era there are massive changes in clothing, interior and exterior decoration, designs in advertising, inventions etc.

Its really just the umbrella and under it, all of these styles are born, created, reborn, recreated, mixed around, shared, and revitalized. Victorian Era technically died with the queen in January 22 but trappings and styles from the period exist until what the populace of the board seems to agree around What a wonderful house. It seems to have a million rooms. It made me sad to see that broken window left like that. How lovely it would be to own and restore this place. That is a very good question. I see elements of tudor, gothic, and even craftsman.

A real hodge-podge. I like it. Congress St. Portland, Me. It is an old colonial in the heart of Portland and cheaper than most condos. Lots of potential.

Julie Anne Anderson

Nice house at a good price Portland has gotten expensive , but that is one busy street. Portland and surrounding areas have gotten very expensive. This is a find. I love Portland though and now it is considered the best food destination in the country. This is a sad old farmhouse on roughly 3 acres. Something about photo 3 makes me hope that someone will save this old home place.

That big porch would be a wonderful place to watch the fireflies on a summer night. Victorian, unique exterior, great flooring, built-ins and original interior trim built by Tilghman Fogel in How interesting!! I would love to know more background history about why it was built like that with some interesting salvaged? Really nice! Same here. Thanks to the repetitious grey, black and white kitchens as well as bathrooms displayed on popular TV programs, a stereotypical decor template has been created allowing almost anyone to clone their own version of this monotonous decor theme.

The more popular this trend becomes-I sincerely hoped it has peaked-the more dated it will look in a few years with who knows what will follow it? From what I know about the original Shaker religious sect, their beliefs included simple but sturdy utility items that avoided the then current notion of anything from door hinges to light fixtures showing superfluous ornamentation of some kind. Being devoted to their beliefs required strict humility as well as following certain core tenants such as celibacy.

My apologies; but that is just one of my pet peeves at the moment. On a different note, while I dislike what was done to the aforementioned period house I do think it should be documented as an object lesson and vivid example of unsympathetic remodeling showing major stylistic changes made through modern eyes. So sad but not surprising. It seems that almost every house I look at in CT has the same brown tile from Home Depot in the bathrooms and kitchens — and why do Realtors still tout ugly granite counters as if they are something to be treasured?

I cry thinking of the loss of that adorable kitchen and bathrooms in this house. This two-home compound in Evanston, IL, is being sold as two lots with the intention that the new owner will demolish the original houses and build new. This is a really nice, quiet part of town. It was last sold in I found an interesting obituary for the previous owner, Ray Milz, who was born on the property and lived there almost all of his 89 years. When everything else around it is surburbia, it hurts that anyone would want to tear this down just to build another cookie-cutter house. Eufaula, AL Complete with iron or steel door and bars on the windows!

Breathtaking, fantastic house. This home is on the NRHP. Awesome place, the Soren Hanson House, built for a man who sold millions of eggs. Looks like some of the original furniture also. Maybe they were more common than I know. I can only think of how much time one would spend dealing with smudges. The tile floor is wonderful.

This house is breathtaking! It is exquisitely decorated and the view of the mountains is stunning. I love all the red! I happen to really love mid-century homes when they are nearly completely original including kitchens and baths. Looks like that kitchen was mostly a cabinet front and counter top make over.

Likely new to help sell it. Would be an easy project to swap that out to something more in keeping with the rest of the house. The next door neighbors certainly have some interesting modern design concepts going on. I was going to make pretty much the exact same comment about the kitchen, MW—all surface, and a pretty easy fix.

Julie Dalton - Real Estate Professional - CENTURY 21 Affiliated - Valparaiso, IN

It really looks like they just put new fronts on the cabinets, while leaving the basic layout and possibly the actual guts intact. Boy do they ever…early American Solar Panel style with tasty camouflage accents? Anything goes seems to be the architectural rule in California. At least they are energy efficient and probably pay less for electricity.

RV storage? Can anyone here comment on living in Ohio? The town is small, the price and condition of the house look really good. Any pros and cons that anyone can offer regarding the state will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Sarah- Ohio, like many states, is rather large and very diverse. Thanks to Candy and John for your thoughtful insights.

Ideally, we are looking for a house close to half way between our kids — one in central Illinois who may or may not ever move — who knows and the other in Huntsville, AL who will probably never move. My hubby likes the idea of the Tennessee plateau — east of Nashville, and higher in elevation so generally lower in temps and humidity.

The other option that we have thought about is the area between Knoxville and Chattanooga, further from our daughter in IL and closer to son in AL. Er ist seit April mit Joyce Anderson verheiratet. Erdenheim PA. Descriptors are arranged in a hierarchical structure, which enables searching at various levels of specificity. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory.

NS 2 Sep Ackerman Lewis NS 30 Sep Acosta Lorraine 58 yrs 31 Jul Acosta Marcos Florencio Infant 24 Feb Full text of "Commencement exercise programs, " See other formats nominees: pn — th congress all information the following-named lieutenants in the staff corps of the united states navy for promotion to the permanent grade of lieutenant commander, pursuant to title 10, united states code, section , subject to qualifications therefor as provided by law: Jason F Hamula Dane Sobek Bradley W.

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Who called you from a phone number that starts with ? Search for phone numbers in the Chicago, Illinois phone number listing. The One Club for Creativity is an international nonprofit membership organization that seeks to inspire, encourage, and develop creative excellence in advertising and design. Find more details on the phone number you are search for by finding information on this page or using the search form above.

This forum will be kept spam-free. For one summer while studying law, Hamula did an internship in Mesa, Arizona. Apr 18, Joyce Wilson, M. A Salt Lake City, Utah Fax: Obituaries can vary in the amount of information they contain, but many of them are genealogical goldmines, including information such as: names, dates, place of birth and death, marriage information, and family relationships.

Surname search results page. He received his medical degree from Tulane University School This site is very much a work in progress. Using Criminal Records. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Hamula in Utah UT. Primary Children's. Join Facebook to connect with Julie Hamula and others you may know. The Courtship of Elder and Sister Hamula.

While in law school at BYU, he had the opportunity to work as a law clerk in the Phoenix area one summer. Hunter was his stake president and called him on a mission. Hamula — RMSO. Stephen H. Anderson — PCSO.

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Figure Skating Championships is a figure skating competition held annually to crown the national champions of the United States. AUCs for the five Hamula, Mathew n. They are the parents of six children. If you find a photo of a family member owned by the archive, we'll send it to you free! Their two youngest sons, twins, were born while Elder Hamula was serving as president of the Washington D.

Camille Hamula. Cincinnati, OH. Sie haben sechs Kinder. Hamula's address at the October General Conference. Greenbrier Lot 80 Hamula Scott R. The StarvingFarmers. Search for phone numbers in the Baltimore, Maryland phone number listing. This is a biographical profile of. Search the Shreveport phone number directory by entering the 10 digit phone number above. Lancer Orthodontics, Inc. Sincere sympathy from our family to yours. Approved Auto Repair.

Member Connecticut. Full report includes available information on owner's full name, current address, current location, family members, address history, phone type and phone carrier. Joyce Providence Toney ' Shelly Lee Anderson. He is Elder James J. Aug 9, Reports said James J. David W. You want to know who called you? You want to know if the phone number is safe to call back?

Her family lived across the street from the 20th Century Fox lot when she was growing up and she was a fan of films from her earliest years. Throughout the last two or more decades, you have steadfastly set the example, exhibited the spirit of volunteerism, and taken your stewardship seriously. Jill K. Hamula in ; and her sister ,. Feb 7, Sean P. Queensbury NY. After his mission, he met and married Elder Hamula's mother, Joyce Jacobs. The names listed below are alumni who have been searched for on this site from East Conemaugh High School in Conemaugh, Pennsylvania.

CPCE investigators are international experts in their clinical effectiveness-related fields, and have authored hundreds of pediatric research articles in leading peer-reviewed journals. Margaret Hanville. August 26, Elicia G. Editor's note: We make every attempt to include correct and complete information. Many exmos still want to do digging, not just for gossip's sake, but for truth finding sake.

South Mission. Why is this germane to the audience that reads Millennial Star? I think it is germane because there are many who have become convinced of a seemingly plausible conjecture regarding Church history. She was predeceased by her husband, Joseph S. Paige Patterson, Joyce Rogers for free with a 30 day free trial. He married Joyce Anderson in April They were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple on April 27, , and are now parents of six children. Care on the great work. For any questions, comments, or suggestions please email joe ldstalks.

Similar names. This list of marriage celebrants, under the Marriage Act , is published for general information and comes into force on 31 January Lds leader james j. FRNT In addition, there should be specific density and depth of cement intrusions into the optimally prepared bone bed. William Angell. The reason he was excommunicated from the Church is that he took the courage to confess one or more sins to his priesthood leaders, and accepted to underta President Howard W.

Burow '. Packer, age David J. Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric. Enter any Greenville phone number above to find available information such as an owner's full name, current address, current location, family members, address history, phone type and phone carrier. Rose Hancock. He was born in Long Beach, California, on November 20, View the profiles of people named Julie Hamula. Go to NBCNews. Get contact details or run a confidential background check. Nicole Juffermans. Hamula was released by the church from his He married Joyce Anderson in April and has six children.

Soldiers are matched to the search criteria above. Highlight of Elder James J. Following church disciplinary action by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Hamula was released from his calling as a general authority and excommunicated from the LDS Church on August 8, This is mainly due to difficulties in selecting aptamers for small molecules which present fewer binding possibilities for the aptamers with respect to proteins Hamula et al.

Martin Joyce-Brady. Many agencies and organizations request criminal records or run background checks for a variety of reasons, including: Employment. This call appears to originate from Mc Kinney Texas. Not Covered. Dorothy Ames. The state of New Jersey's official Web site is the gateway to NJ information and services for residents, visitors, and businesses. Our reverse phone service is fast and effecting extracting every single bit of available data for a given phone number that brings the ultimate customer experience.

Jason Hamula. May 3, Howard Anderson Bs, Ma-. Read Love Worth Finding by Dr. Allen ' Paulus and Michelle R. Here are my guesses: James J.

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Joyce Matlack Design. But then I didn't listen to the interview. In-depth news, analysis and opinion covering Utah and the nation.

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Elder Allan F. The Juris Doctor degree J. I actually know the answer to this question. We miss your cheery lr Enoch Whiteheadon Mr. I am so grateful for the Sacrament, and the opportunity to partake of it on the Sabbath and remember the covenants I have made with my Heavenly Father.