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The less populated areas would have all existing phone numbers reassigned to use a new area code to free up more numbers in the original area code. This process forced many into a new phone number which would require updates to letterhead, business cards, phone directories, personal contact lists, etc. Many people would dial the incorrect area code which caused confusion. In , area code was created as the first "overlay" area code. With an overlay area code, the overlay serves the same geographic as the original to increase the pool of numbers available in the area.

When the original phone systems were put in place, 7-digit dialing without the area code could be used to make local calls, and digit dialing with the area code only needed to be used for long distance calls. In , area code was introduced as the first overlay with forced 10 digit dialing for local calls.

Initially, there was substantial public resistance to overlays because of the digit dialing requirement for local calls. However, the last area code split in Canada was in with the split of splitting off and the last area code split in the US was in with splitting off No area code splits are currently proposed and both countries have agreed: without exceptional circumstances, all new area codes will be overlays.

Today, 7-digit dialing is broken in most major cities. Many areas not served by an overlay can still use 7-digit dialing. Something besides allocating more area codes needed to be done to improve the system. After a few trials, mandatory number pooling was implemented in with a national rollout to the largest metropolitan areas. With number pooling, an entire prefix of 10, numbers is allocated to a specific area, but phone numbers are only allocated to a specific carrier in 1, block increments. While several US markets are still not required to implement number pooling and Canada has no number pooling, the effects dramatically slowed the need to allocate new prefixes and new area codes because of increased utilization.

The rate of issuing new area codes dropped to nearly half that of the s. While it may seem that all consumers in the US use a mobile phone, more than two-thirds of prefixes are allocated for landline use. That number has been dropping by about 3. Not all area codes are assigned to a specific geographic area. One of the most common are toll-free area codes where the caller is not billed for long distance though wireless customers may have minutes deducted from their plan : , , , , , , and The area code is also currently used for premium services that are billed to the caller at higher than normal long distance rates.

In the s and and early s, numbers were frequently used to target children to run up phone bills, psychic hotlines, adult entertainment, computer help, etc. Legislative protections in the s and the withdrawal of phone companies from passing these fees onto customers has largely killed the number industry. Other caller-pays area codes include , , , , , , , , and Though they see much less usage now, some are still used for dial-up modem access or security systems.

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Area codes and are reserved for special telecommunications services and receive little usage. For looking up information on a specific phone number, the free reverse phone lookup allows you to see the name and address of phone numbers listed in the white pages of phone books throughout the US. For unlisted or cell phone numbers, we provide a convenient price comparison of popular services that allow you to search deeper for the owner of a phone number.

Is there an AT&T Cell Phone Number Directory?

Weather the phone number is unlisted, a cell phone or a land line you can find you can search for phone numbers by click on reverse lookup. Cell phone numbers and unlisted numbers are private, and won't show up if There are ways to find the owner of an unlisted phone number, but you might Type "reverse phone number lookup" in a major search engine if the free search fails. you have it--into the cell phone section of an online cell phone directory such.

If you are looking for the area code for a particular city, you can search area codes by city using our area code finder. To browse all area codes, we have a list of all United States area codes by state and area codes by number.

The area code list includes a printable copy that you can print and use for reference. For international numbers, we also include Canadian area codes. For dialing internationally, see the list of international dialing codes with instructions on how to dial foreign numbers or dial U. Toggle navigation. Instant Phone Lookup Search Enter a phone number, area code, or city and state. Featured In. US Area Code Map. Canada Area Code Map. Click to Enlarge. Splits and Overlays by Year.

Prefixes Introduced by Year in the US. Primary Prefix Usage. New Hampshire.

Reverse Cell Phone Number

At Reverse Mobile we are committed to helping you get the most out of your search. Unlisted Phone Number Search. Your phone number might be stored in phone directories, pizza delivery databases , and all kinds of other internet databases. Find people, find information, get unlisted phone number lookup details Government Registry can help you unite with people from all over the United States. Unsolicited phone call, an unwanted sms message, or you just come across a phone number you do not know and want to know about it more, maybe you are not the only one. The less populated areas would have all existing phone numbers reassigned to use a new area code to free up more numbers in the original area code. Plus, you might not need to block caller ID.

However, these days searching for information about even the regular land line phones has become quite difficult as more and more people have their phone number kept private and out of phone number directories. But the real challenge is tracing cell phones.

Completely Free Reverse Phone Lookup Service With Name (2018)

Obtaining information about cell phone numbers is particularly difficult because cell phone number databases are controlled and closely guarded by service providers. However thanks to the services like reverse phone number lookup it is no longer impossible to find information about cell phone numbers, even unlisted pre-paid ones. For a small fee, you can have access to the whole year of unlimited access to huge reverse phone number lookup databases along with unlimited searches, and with the best directories it will also include criminal records search, employment information and a ton of other info that you simply can not find anywhere else.

There are simply millions of reasons why we need it, for example, a lot of people are harassed each day with prank calls. By using reverse phone number lookup stopping these calls is a walk in the park. Some of these calls can be nothing more then a couple of bored teenagers having a bit of fun, but prank calls can also be a sign of something much more sinister. Receiving a one or two hang up calls each month is probably nothing to worry about, but when those calls increase in frequency and if it happens in the middle of the night then you must do something to stop it, before it starts affecting your life.

With the help of reverse phone number lookup you can take away the one advantage these people have — their anonymity. Imagine the surprise on their faces if the next time they call, you call them by their name, and threaten them with lawsuit and informing the police. I bet you will never hear from them again, unless you really have a problem with a disturbed person. In that case use the information you have and inform police immediately, your safety and the safety of your family could be in danger. If you are a parent like me, then reverse phone number lookup directories are God sent.

Do you know of any teenager today who does not have a cell phone?

Cell Phone Lookup Directory & Reverse Lookup

Most certainly the answer is NO! But do you know who your kids talk to on cell phones? I bet the answer is in most cases and for most calls is also — NO! If you have good, open relationship with your children this is not a big problem, and you can simply ask them.

However there are also those unfortunate parents who do not have this luxury and feel that their kids are hiding something from them or perhaps their kids have already had some sort of problem.

The Spy Dialer Directory

In these cases reverse phone number lookup will be your secret weapon for keeping an eye on your kid without him or her even realizing it. By using reverse lookup directories you have a way to influence and perhaps stop and prevent relationship between your children and people you consider to be harmful or even dangerous.

You can also use the information you received from reverse phone number lookup directory to start an open dialog with your children and improve your relationship. This way you can explain to them why they should or should not continue their association with a particular person. One more excellent use is to check if your spouse is cheating on you or not.

Most often, frequent calls really are from friends, relatives or colleagues, but there are also times when the person you love could actually be having an affair. There is no reason why you should let anyone make a fool out of you.

A cell phone number lookup has never been easy, but these tips help

With reverse phone number lookup you now have a way to check and see what is really going on. We have all had issues conducting an unlisted reverse phone number lookup. While clearing out the cupboards, we see old phone numbers but unfortunately we can seem to be able to match the said phone number to a name mainly because the said number is an unlisted phone number.

Thanks to the internet and reverse phone lookup directories, it is now very possible for virtually everyone of us to conduct an unlisted reverse phone number lookup search right from the comfort of our homes. It is possible to get the details of a listed land line number on public directories such as whitepages. Using a paid reverse phone lookup directories is the best way to reverse lookup unlisted telephone numbers.

However, you need to be very careful when choosing a paid directory to use for this purpose as there are too many directories who claim to be offering this service but most of these directories are not in any way good neither can they be trusted to give you the details you are desperately in need of. So, how do you choose a reverse phone lookup directory when you want to conduct an unlisted reverse phoe number lookup search?

Never sign up with a directory that does not have a considerably large database of phone numbers. With a directory that have a fairly large database of phone numbers, the chances of getting the details of the person a particular unlisted telephone number is registered to is very high which is not the case with a directory with a same database of telephone numbers. Never sign up with a directory that does not have a good refund policy — Signing up with a directory that does not make disclosures about their refund policies is like going to war without being prepared.

This company operates not only in this country but in 91 countries around the world. It offers, through its website a complete service for finding coordinates based on names, addresses or phone numbers of the person sought. You can find more information at pagesblanchesfrance. If you are wondering about doing a reverse phone number lookup, you must have phone numbers that are calling you or a loved one and you are concerned as to who they are.

And the answer to the question is yes; a reverse phone number lookup can really be free, especially if the phone number is a landline. But when doing a reverse phone number lookup, this is the place to begin. Many times, typing the phone number into the browser of a search engine will yield fairly accurate results. But sometimes when trying to do a reverse phone number lookup, you will get results that are wrong with inaccurate names, etc.

Did you know that the change of technology has changed the way how to perform a reverse phone number lookup. Often times when a phone number comes across a Caller ID telephone, the chances of being a cell phone is greater than ever.

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It is crucial, for this day, to know how to do this properly. While landline numbers are easy to find through a reverse phone number lookup, knowing how to perform a reverse phone number lookup can be a little trickier. Why would this be so difficult? Landlines have been in use for several years and are much easier to track since they are published numbers.

However, a cell phone is not so easy because of privacy issues among other issues. Yet, with the event of the caller ID and Internet databases dedicated to giving a person performing a reverse phone number lookup, cell phone numbers and their owners can be found much easier than they have been in the last ten years.