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Colorado Birth Certificates

Note: Currently, the U.

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To change your gender designation on your social security card, mail or bring in the following to your local Social Security office. Note: proof of citizenship is required to change a Social Security card. Submit the following documentation in person or by mail to your nearest Passport Acceptance Facility :. For more information on changing your passport, go to the US Department of State website. Regarding health insurance, contact your insurance carrier. Getting your gender designation changed will not impact your name change. In fact, if you have not yet changed your name at the time you are deciding to change your gender marker, you can do so and are not required to post your name change in the newspaper for 3 weeks as required for other name changes.

Additionally, if you come from a state where a court order is required, Colorado is able to provide that court order.

If you were born in a state that requires a court order for an individual to change their gender marker, Colorado courts are able to provide that court order to allow you to make the necessary modifications. It is legally not required for you to have your gender designation match on all identification documents—your identity will still be able to be verified regardless.

The main issue with this is the possible confusion that may arise from having different gender designation on different identity documents, which may be uncomfortable. Currently, the law only allows for an X designation to be elected later in life through an amended birth certificate even though the amended birth certificate will replace the original in official record, as discussed above.

However, parents are not able to select an X designation for their children at birth. Identity documents are intended to accurately reflect an individual for identification purposes in many different settings. Requiring verification from judges, healthcare providers, or other officials puts in place an unnecessary barrier for individuals seeking to obtain an accurate identity document, as they may not have access to a healthcare provider or money for a court petition.

Individuals know best what gender marker is appropriate for them for interactions where they must show official identification. If you have different gender markers listed on various IDs or records, it may cause confusion or raise eyebrows when interacting with officials or applying for services. However, according to NCTE , legally speaking, it is not a problem to have records and IDs with different gender markers, and officials should still be able to verify your identity.

Airlines are required to collect name and gender information and submit it to TSA before each flight, and airlines currently only have M or F options. It is ideal to bring an ID to fly that has a gender marker that matches the gender you submitted to the airline.

Eligibility Requirements for Birth Certificates

Official vital records of adoption, births, deaths, marriages, civil unions and Order a certificate, correct or change a certificate, state rules about burial or. Births in Colorado were not officially registered with the State until approximately Before that time there is no guarantee that a record of a birth exists.

According to NCTE, yes. To whom does it apply? When does it go into effect? What are my options to change it today? You can find a template for the statement here.

How to Apostille a Colorado Birth Certificate

Submit your new birth certificate refer to number 6 How do I change my name and birth certificate? Name change For step-by-step instructions on changing your name, visit the Colorado Name Project. To change your gender designation on your birth certificate now, submit the following to Colorado Vital Records address found below : A copy of the Form to Correct or Change Colorado Birth Certificate A copy of your current ID Processing fees A copy of the Sex Designation Form , which currently requires collaboration with a mental health or medical provider Any legal name change orders, if applicable.

A statement to Colorado Vital Records indicating that your original birth certificate does not align with your gender identity. A statement to Colorado Vital Records from a medical or mental health provider indicating that your original birth certificate does not align with your gender identity.

Colorado Vital Records Section Agency Information

Though this is the first time a state has issued an "intersex" birth certificate, Sara Kelly Keenan was the first American who was issued an intersex version of the document. It was amended by New York City, which has a vital records department that is not controlled by the state. This is especially timely, as transgender women have complained that under the Trump administration their passports have been retroactively revoked.

Marquez explained how growing up, he was shocked to discover that he was anatomically different from other girls.

Vital Records

They never taught that variation in sex ed class. Biologically able to become pregnant but not able to give birth, Marquez has had four miscarriages. I had to have two C-sections.

However, Marquez is grateful to have not been surgically altered without his consent. Although California recently passed a resolution condemning medically changing the bodies of intersex babies, altering the genitals of intersex infants is legal in all 50 states. All Rights Reserved. Subscribe To The Advocate. Search form Search.