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The story triggered big changes in the way the NFL and other sports deal with domestic violence. Michael Jackson long had trouble with drugs but kept a lot of it hidden from public view. On June 25, , we got a tip he went into cardiac arrest and made about a hundred calls and eventually determined he was dead. After we broke the death story, the L. Times posted a story that Jackson was in a coma. The rest of the media had to then choose Lil Pump damn near became a snack for a slithering snake The rapper was shooting a music video Thursday night and the crew was handing off a snake to Lil Pump, who was sitting on some sort of stair-like throne.

Then, it happened.

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The snake, out of nowhere, whipped around and sunk its fangs into Pump's left hand. The scary moment was captured by podcast host Adam Grandmaison -- aka Adam You can see Pump flail as he extricates himself from the reptile. He then shows off the gnarly injury. LP's left hand is covered in blood. And, if you look closely near the end of the vid Good news for Lil Pump I hope I don't die. Where are the Kings of Pain when ya need 'em?

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Tina Turner fans screamed their faces off as she left the new musical 'bout her life Speaking of Warren Whoopi compared Adrienne to another huge star who broke out on Broadway back in the '60s What's eating Justin Bieber? JB said a few days ago What's unclear Justin's battled depression in recent years, but it seemed like he was on the upswing. Hopefully, this was just a moment in time.

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These websites more often than not carry the distinctive identity of the celebrity. The unique Here, we've picked out a few celebrity websites using WordPress that you can look up to see how WordPress has been used. 25 Top Examples of Incredibly Famous Celebrity Sites Powered by WordPress Admittedly it may not be the case that any of these celebrities.

The man officials believe kidnapped the stepdaughter of UFC fighter Walt Harris has been arrested -- and you can see in the mug shot, the dude's eye is swollen shut. Cops had been on the hunt for year-old Ibraheem Yazeed -- who was spotted at a Chevron station in Auburn, Alabama on Oct. Now, officials say Yazeed was apprehended by U.

Marshals in Escambia County western Florida early Friday morning after a brief foot pursuit. He was booked at AM. Officials believe Yazeed is a bad dude -- he's awaiting trial in an unrelated kidnapping, robbery and attempted murder in Montgomery involving a year-old man. We are continue to put our trust in God and pray that Chief Register and the APD with other law enforcement bring us Aniah and justice. We have great confidence in TMZ users and viewers because we think there's someone out there who could give our photogs a run for their money.

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So, here's the contest Just find someone you know and have a fun, interesting, engaging conversation. You can talk about anything you want Something under 2 minutes would be ideal, but there's no magic time -- it's more about quality. Translation: size doesn't matter. We'll watch all the videos back in our offices and pick a winner, who will get 2 plane tickets to Hollywood.

The 'Jersey Shore' cast is trading in the boardwalk for Bourbon Street JWoww showing support for Angelina is pretty interesting, considering their recent drama Looks like the girls have mended fences. Ronnie's getting in on the action too Angelina is marrying Chris Larangeira on November Can't go wrong with 3-for-1 drinks, beignets, jazz and legally boozing in public. The year-old "Hot Shower" rapper had a courtside seat alongside superagent Rich Paul for the Clips' match-up with the Milwaukee Bucks Either way, it was bad. He did finally sink a 3-pointer But, it was so bad, people that stuck around after the game were clowning him. One guy shouted, "You suck! But, it's all good though Chance is one of the most successful artists in the game right now and already has 3 Grammys in his career And there's still hope for Chance Before this nosy kid hit it big-time in arguably one of the best sitcoms in TV history, he considered himself just a regular dude from Kansas who grew up with pigs and cows.

He went to Kansas State University and there was a time where he thought he'd become a prison administrator after studying criminal justice. He'd eventually detour into comedy He's got tons and we mean TONS of credits to his name but the most modern credit is what will forever etch his name in comedy lore. Can you guess who he is? Oz has some breaking news for T.

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He explained exactly why -- anatomically-speaking -- T. We're guessing the knowledge the Doc drops here will benefit a lot of people As we reported, the backlash against T. Nazanin and Nadia -- the hosts of the 'Ladies Like Us' podcast where he made the remarks -- made the decision to delete the episode. They also apologized for their "knee jerk" reaction, laughing awkwardly at T.

Common says it's despicable a white teacher dressed up as him -- in blackface, mind you -- and adds he just might tell him so If you haven't seen it On Aug. A spokesman for Soros said that the New York-based financier is alive and well. Reuters regrets the error. Celine Dion Never-ending rumors of Dion's death on social media do not sit well with the singer, in great part because each time one sprouts wings and flies, she has to ease her aging mother's fears. The post linked to what they said was a "news report," which, when clicked, requested permission to access the viewer's accounts.

He nixed the report and posted a Facebook message of his own that read, "Rumors of my death are false - Im still 'Bringin' It' 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, days a year - including leap year! Macaulay Culkin When the "Home Alone" star was targeted by death rumors in November , he debunked the reports by taking to Instagram and posting a photo parodying a scene from "Weekend at Bernie's. Axl Rose Word of the death of the Guns N' Roses singer spread across the internet on December 3, , but he nipped that one in the bud, tweeting, "If I'm dead do I still have to pay taxes?

They took it a step further by producing a video with spliced footage of a breaking news segment and a tearful anchor. Lawrence never mentioned it directly, but he did make his un-dead self visible on social media in the days following his "death. Arnold Schwarzenegger An Aug.

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Carlos Santana A Sept. Team Santana added to that message, posting on their Facebook page, " Thank you all for your concern, but the reports of his passing are false.

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Robert Redford The Sundance Film Festival founder's publicist stepped in to call reports of his death in December "a sick hoax. Sean Penn News reports popped up on Jan. Gabourey Sidibe The "Empire" star was barraged with tweets from concerned fans in March , who were checking to make sure she was still alive, following a post that said she had died from an asthma attack.

Sidibe assured everyone she was fine, but joked that maybe she was dead, if her "version of Hell is people believing poorly written articles about me. Jack Black The Twitter account for Black's band Tenacious D was hacked in June and the culprits posted this unsettling message: "It is with a heavy heart I am to announce that Jack Black passed away last night at am.

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The cause of death is yet unknown. Nicolas Cage Although trafficforgoods.

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Include their member number in the email and this information will be added to your account. Subscribe to Social Media Today:. However, most of the advanced features in Classmates. What if the photo request cannot be fulfilled? Baidu has a global market share between 0.

Another fake news outlet picked up the story, tweaked it and added a Photoshopped pic of a motorcycle crash scene, Cage's face and a CNN chyron. Cher Cher was added to the celebrity death hoax list of victims after a "R. Cher" Facebook page was created in September Apparently the post concluded with the message "Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page" wasn't enough of a clue that it was a fake because the reports of her passing went viral and attracted nearly a million likes.

In , she was said to have been killed by a hit and run driver, and in socialite Peaches Geldolf tweeted that a "friend in the industry" texted her that Cyrus had died. Word of her death arose again in Sept. Beyonce Jewelry can kill you, or at least that's the rumor that started after the singer accidentally ripped out an earring during a Brooklyn concert in October and blood began running down her face. A Facebook page claimed she had died because she didn't seek medical attention. The BeyHive was not happy about the hoax. Kanye West Social media, again, ran amuck in December with the theory that West's uncharacteristic behavior at the time was because it wasn't really him… it was a clone.

You read that right. Cancelling his tour, dyeing his hair, having a public meltdown and dissing Beyonce and Jay Z while cozying up to Donald Trump was enough proof for some. Adam Sandler LinkBeef, which was the breeding ground for several celebrity death hoaxes, reported on Jan. Willie Nelson The country music legend's publicist shut down rumors of his death that began with a March 13, story on Radar Online that said he was "deathly ill.

Betty White As recently as May 10, , a tweet popped up saying that White was found dead, and another one said her publicist confirmed it. People are so in love with White, that when her name trends on Twitter, they freak out with worry that she's met her maker. Someone even set up a GoFundMe to protect her from all the celebrity deaths in Bush really did die just two days later. Sean Kingston BBC News shocked the music world in June when it reported the Jamaican-American singer was found dead at his home weeks after he crashed his jet ski into a Miami bridge.

Their report was based on a tweet that came from a "fake account" believed to be from Greece's culture minister. In fact, AP said that Gavras even spoke on state television that same day.